Coaching4Careers Ltd (C4C) has been developed by Linda Butler and Emma Ford to enable us to work in an area we are excited about; people, their potential, and their futures. We are professional and career development specialists supporting NHS Trusts, schools, colleges, business schools, universities, research centres, organisations, and individuals, through workshops, webinars, one-to-one coaching, and resources.

We are all about conversations, we work with you to understand you, your organisation, your values and your needs. Having listened we can then develop a bespoke coaching, workshop or programme and allocate the associate(s) best suited to work with you.

Our relationships are ongoing and long term; we are proud to be considered sounding boards and trusted friends by our clients. Our associates have the same ethos and will connect with clients to ensure they are developing and delivering what is needed and expected.

“All went well. The groups were inspired by Steve. I am convinced we are going to repeat this in 6 months ;-)” GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research

We want our relationships to be sustainable so that you can see we are working with you to do our best to support you to deliver your outcomes and goals. These are often continually evolving, so our ability to be flexible and adapt, but also offer sound counsel and challenge when needed are crucial to building strong relationships.

“They are a fabulous team and complement each other – totally approachable, knowledgeable, professional and clearly care about the progress of all the cohort – I totally trust them.  Superb contribution which has engaged and enlightened many people, both staff and pupils”