Fiona is a globally experienced executive having worked for over 20 years in Finance, Strategy and New Product Development with organisations such as Shell, Diageo, Thomas Cook and Marakon Associates. She has held director-level positions in both the UK and Internationally. The emphasis throughout her career has been on helping organisations and individuals develop strategies and then supporting their implementation. Fiona draws on her wide and diverse breadth of experiences to coach aspiring Leaders to achieve their goals.


  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Leading Change
  • Return to work
  • Career Progression
  • Career Transition
  • Supporting Women in Leadership
  • Supporting Work/Life Balance

“Fiona hones in on key issues very quickly, and is brilliant at reflecting back what she has observed – for example, mentioning my energy level when discussing different jobs. I hadn’t realised this until Fiona reflected this back to me. Fiona has extremely polished communication skills. She has a way of expressing things that is likely to achieve the desired result. (In fact I think Fiona’s sentence about consolidating my skills helped to get me the job and it also gave me an understanding about how to field more awkward questions)”

PhD student