Suzanna is an executive coach and facilitator with over 25 years of senior management
experience across stockbroking, accountancy and retail banking.  Her specialism is in culture,
both from an organisation and country perspective.
She works with clients to create positive organisational cultures that enable colleagues and
businesses to thrive. Her expertise in understanding cross-cultural complexities, is particularly
useful for those transitioning to other countries or where organisations have international
customers, colleagues, or partners. 
She is experienced working in both the private and public sectors at an individual, team and
group level on:
• Cultural agility
• Cultural change
• Leadership and performance
• Career growth and transitions
Suzanna is an Accredited Executive Coach and Member of the Association for Coaching, an
Accredited Practitioner of Spotlight Profiling, and has an MA in Career Development and
Coaching studies from the University or Warwick.

People always want to work with Suzanna because she cares and is passionately focused on driving you to be the best you can be. I’ve used her for coaching during critical times and found her approach just what I need to challenge me to think and work things through. She’s been an invaluable coach and support to me and my team. My team has had a number of sessions with her on many different areas and they always come away better than before. If you want to grow, develop and build a happy team, I highly recommend that you contact Suzanna to help you.”

Managing Director, Barclays