Impact Assessment Report

Our work with organisations – a case study at Eton College


Coaching4Careers (C4C) works with organisations to deliver bespoke coaching and development using expert advice and flexible delivery. Their long-term partnerships with schools develop staff, support students and enable schools to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks. This impact report demonstrates how their commitment to working alongside Eton College has produced significant benefits for individuals, teams and the whole school culture for staff and pupils.

“Superb contribution which has engaged and enlightened many people, both staff and pupils”

They are a fabulous team and complement each other – totally approachable, knowledgeable, professional and clearly care about the progress of all the cohort – I totally trust them”


C4C’s work has been appreciated by Eton College for the programmes delivered which have been universally popular and have made a reported difference to the school. C4C’s work for Eton College has grown organically as the school has felt increasingly confident with their professionalism, design capabilities, commitment to the school, understanding of the school and its unique ethos, their kind and thoughtful approach, and their ability to evolve with the school’s own evolving journey of Professional Coaching and Development. Reported benefits with supporting quotations in italics include:

Highly effective programmes, which have been much appreciated by teaching and non-teaching staff. “Provides skills to better support you, your team and staff”;

Evidence of deep individual development and learning. “I have really valued the coaching training I’ve had so far and 1:1 sessions with my coach have been invaluable. It has really helped me in my relationships with colleagues and has improved my leadership ability”;

Effects have spread beyond the individual participants to boys, common room, houses, and the general atmosphere at Eton College “making Eton [College] a more open culture”;

C4C have been trusted to ‘walk with Eton College’ in its Professional Development and Coaching journey. “Their commitment, quick understanding and ability have meant programmes could grow slowly and gain quiet momentum”.

Within the school, there is a solid consensus that C4C’s strong partnership approach, professionalism, tailored delivery, and empathetic style have been transformative for the culture and atmosphere at Eton College. For individuals’ professional coaching and development, the work delivered by C4C is regarded as consistently of excellent quality and has been much appreciated by staff. The quantitative scores from the online survey give a 100% rating of ‘very good or excellent’ for the programmes, and the qualitative feedback is very positive. The training has:

  • Been a beneficial addition to peoples’ professional and personal toolkit. “I think [C4C’s work] gives managers the knowledge and confidence to hold more effective conversations with their teams.”;
  •  Been immediately applicable to their working and personal lives. “Specific work tasks have shifted from myself to the appropriate Team Members and they are proud of these extra responsibilities and achievements”;
  •  Offered excellent insights into themselves and others. “[This work is] beginning to create a culture of open conversations and enabled individuals to tackle those conversations in a professional, non-threatening manner”;
  • Inspired some to seek further development. “I am now putting what I have learnt into practice and taking action with ideas that I did not know how to move forward with”.

Eton College’s coaching culture


This report was commissioned so:

  • Eton College can articulate the contribution that C4C have made to staff and pupil development;
  • C4C can demonstrate the value, impact and return on investment to Eton College of their work;
  • C4C can receive structured feedback from Eton College on the effectiveness and impact of their work on staff and pupil development;
  • C4C can articulate the effectiveness of their work so the programmes can be used or modified for work with other schools.


Four staff development programmes and one pupil programme were evaluated:

  1. Coaching Skills Foundation courses, held in 2016/2017 or 2018/2019;
  2. Coaching conversations workshops, held in November 2018 and January 2019 as part of an Open Leadership Programme;
  3. Coaching refresher for the 2016/2017 Coaching cohort held in January 2019;
  4. Mentoring workshops, held in 2017/2018 or 2018/2019;
  5. World of Work programmes for Year 9 pupils.

Data sources included:

  • Interviews with Eton staff who had commissioned the programmes;
  • Summary feedback sheets completed at the end of programmes;
  • Online qualitative and quantitative questions on each programme, plus a section on feedback for C4C;
  • Observation of some programmes by the consultant commissioned to complete the evaluation.

Feedback on C4C

Respondents to the online questions were invited to give in-depth, qualitative feedback on how C4C have worked with Eton College and what makes their approach and work unique. These verify that C4C are regarded as highly professional, approachable, enormously supportive, and very committed to the personal development and progress of each participant. The questions covered: C4C’s overall contribution to Eton College; the impact of individual programmes; what people most appreciate about their work; the value/outcomes C4C deliver; what is unique or special about their work; and personal messages to C4C staff.

Overall contribution of C4C to Eton College

““More open conversations, bringing the middle management structure together and allowing discussions which may one day help Eton College focus more on open leadership with honesty and real support.”

Impact of individual programmes

“Dynamic, clear sense of purpose, making Eton College a more open culture”. “Invaluable – their knowledge and encouragement make the learning accessible and skills learnt transferable – and it’s fun and thought-provoking.”

What is appreciated about C4C’s work?

“Support, friendship, professionalism”. “Genuine support and encouragement with a difficult period for me, and much needed advice when dealing with a tutee in emotional distress.”

How you judge the value/outcomes of C4C’s work?

“Conversations in the common room, openness of others to seek out coaching”. “Through better communication with my colleagues.”

What is unique or special about C4C’s work?

“Friendly people who make difficult ideas accessible and create a healthy balance between theory and practice.” “They are experts in this field, and [their work] gives people an opportunity to learn and reflect on how they communicate.” “It is important to have the skills to facilitate bringing out the best in people. They are helping the evolution of the management structure at Eton College without fear, their faith is infectious.”

Personal messages to C4C staff

“This is a complicated subject for me personally, but you helped me understand it and the importance of it through your calm and clear teaching”. “Thank you for helping me gain confidence in my line management role – after a year of extended sick leave, you helped me back on my feet, and improved my understanding of my colleagues!”

Coaching skills foundation course

100% rating of ‘very good or excellent’ for: presenting ideas and concepts; pace of workshops; facilitators’ knowledge of subject matter; course content; ability to apply learning; quality of classroom discussions; confidence in using coaching skills; length of programme; access to online resources; opportunity to apply learning between modules.

All reported improved skills and knowledge about coaching, and the confidence to apply their learning; described improved relationships with colleagues and students; and thought the course had made them a more effective colleague or teacher.

“As a Head of Department, it was very useful to be able to apply coaching straight away with those I manage and in the boarding house in discussions with boys. It has been very powerful and effective in helping to unpack problems and help others develop their own solutions.”

Coaching Conversations workshops

100% rating of ‘very good or excellent’ for: presenting ideas and concepts; pace; content; facilitators’ knowledge; ability to deal effectively with questions. All reported improvement in their knowledge, more confidence about using coaching skills and the positive role of coaching at work/in the classroom/with their colleagues.

“This workshop offers an approach to management and leadership that opens up possibilities for problem solving, creativity and distributed responsibility and ‘ownership’ while building trust and understanding.”

Coaching refresher

This was offered to the cohort who completed the Coaching Skills Foundation course in 2016/2017. All welcomed the chance to refresh, practise and update their coaching skills and to have the time and space to discuss how they have been using their skills. All confirmed they were using coaching in the classroom, for example, with colleagues, in sports coaching and tutorials. 100% rating of ‘very good or excellent’ for course content; pace; quality of classroom discussion; facilitators’ knowledge of subject; access to online resources.

“I will be able to use my coaching skills in the clasroom and with colleagues.” ” I will be more confident about using the coaching skills in my work.” “My coaching skills have been updated”

Mentoring workshops

100% rating of ‘very good or excellent’ for: presenting ideas and concepts; pace of workshops; content; facilitators’ knowledge of subject matter ability to deal effectively with questions. All participants reported improved knowledge of key concepts, and confidence they would be able to apply their learning.

“very interesting.” “good to map mentoring concepts onto the culture of mentoring at Eton College.” “Very helpful, it was good to have the time and space to consider this.”

World of Work programme

Pupils gave feedback on the World of Work (WoW) sessions, and tutors who observed sessions also offered their feedback. The programme aims to raise pupil self-awareness, encourage debate about workplace changes, and introduce the breadth of industry sectors and potential career choices.

Tutors’ views: Tutors gave the WoW sessions a 100% rating of ‘very good or excellent’ on the effectiveness of the sessions; length of programme; number of sessions; content of programme; pace; quality of classroom discussions; boys’ feedback; and boys’ learning.

They also gave a 100% rating of ‘very good or excellent’ for the session outcomes: giving the boys useful insights into the world of work; bringing more depth and richness to conversations in tutor groups; encouraging the boys to participate in the Careers Success Timeline; more attendance at co-curricular activities; the boys seeking a career discussion with Career Education staff; the boys seeming more knowledgeable and aware of career options; the boys seeming more confident they can match their interests to possible career options.

“They [C4C] are talented people, and their work integrates well with our Career Education work.”

Boys’ feedback:

  • The boys demonstrated learning and insights into the future world of work: “communication, creativity, problem-solving and teamwork are now vital in the workplace;” “the world is changing now and we have to adapt;” “[it is good to learn] how much technology is changing the world of work.”;
  • All participants felt encouraged to start thinking about their future, and thought other pupils would engage with the sessions and enjoy the discussions;
  • They will prepare themselves: “keep a record of what I have done”; “start to do research into topics I am interested in”; “research interesting jobs and think about what I might need for these”; “be more wary about committing to jobs that could be taken by robots/AI”.

“this is not an academic exercise, but a fun, engaging one”. “I think it’s good to teach people what skills are necessary.” “It should help us think about the future world.”


The quantitative and qualitative feedback on C4C’s work for Eton College offers a powerful case study of how they work effectively and creatively with organisations. Their expertise, sensitive and empathetic approach and professionalism have had a significant impact on the school, staff and pupils. C4C’s coaching and development work has been able to bring about cultural change in a sustainable and organic way.



This report was commissioned by C4C Ltd and researched, analysed and delivered by Oxford Business Management in 2019

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