Caroline Egan

Caroline’s extensive training and experience in Business Psychology, Law, Leadership Development, and Coaching provide a unique framework for her evidence-based work with professionals and organisations.

Her 15-year career as a Barrister and 14 years’ experience in Leadership Development and Coaching, enable her to get quickly to the heart of the challenges, complexity and change that are an inevitable part of today’s professional workplace.

She specialises in helping clients and organisations to navigate that complexity and thrive on challenge. She provides all 3 aspects of leadership development: including Psychometric Assessment and 360̊ feedback, designing and delivering sessions on all aspects of leadership, and evaluating leaders’ development to achieve greater self-awareness, enhanced performance, productivity and organisational health.

Caroline has strong intercultural sensitivity as a result of living overseas and working with mainly international clients for the last 10 years.

Professional credentials  

  • MSc Work Psychology in progress (to 09/24)
  • PG Dip. in Careers (Career Development & Management) + QCD
  • BA (Cantab) Law; Bar Practice Course (PG Dip.)
  • Association for Coaching, and Association for Business Psychology


“I had worked in professional sport for 15 years and was looking to move into Management Consultancy. Caroline was great in helping me go about transitioning into a new industry…I have just started a new job as a Senior Consultant for a large multinational firm and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to get this role without Caroline’s help and guidance.”

Greg Garner

Senior Consultant, Strategy and Business Design, Atkins, UK