Emma Ford

Emma is Co-Director of C4C Ltd and an independent coach and facilitator in the areas of personal, leadership and career development.  She has developed and delivered leadership and career management/development programmes and experiential learning workshops including team working, networking, careers, leadership of self and others.

She coaches globally based clients across the sectors and is a straightforward and pragmatic coach.  She encourages people to think about their career and how they can enable themselves to manage their future, become the leaders they want to be and perform to the best of their ability.  Often working with people who are new to managing/leading people and teams, who have to manage and work with challenging colleagues, lack confidence and who are time poor and overloaded.

Professional credentials

  • Certificate of Coaching accredited with the International Coaching Federation
  • The European Mentoring and Coaching Council – EIA Senior Practitioner
  • BeTalent accredited products – Resilience, Strengths, Decision Styles
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory Practitioner

“Emma was a real lifeline for me in 2020-21. I was matched with her through our employee coaching scheme, and was grateful to have her support during a very transitional year for me where I was leading a small team remotely, but also did not have a line manager in post for about 18 months. She helped me get to the root of my issues around work, coached me through some challenging situations, and also helped me to look at the bigger picture of what I wanted for the next stage of my career and my life, and see how they all fit together. I felt uplifted after every session, with tangible takeaways and actions to complete to further hone in on what I truly wanted. Thank you Emma, for your amazing coaching and support – it was amazing to work with you!”