Steve Hutchinson

A creative and dynamic executive coach, facilitator and author – Steve specialises in the areas of Leadership, Personal Impact and Professional Effectiveness. He works internationally in sectors from corporate to education and not for profit – but since he began as an academic researcher, he has real insight into the challenges of thriving in a university environment.

He’s worked as a coach or trainer with dozens of organisations (including, in some way, twenty-two of the UK Russell Group Universities) globally – with clients all over Europe and as far afield as Australia, Singapore and South Africa and Ghana – over nearly two decades in the field.

He holds PG Diplomas in Executive Coaching and Professional Coaching.

Book Authorship and Editorship

  • Graphical Facilitation for Organizational Development (Scott & Hutchinson in press)
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Academic Development 
  • Enhancing the Doctoral Experience 
  • Playing With Purpose: How Experiential Learning…
  • Leading Innovation and Creativity in University Teaching 
  • Fifty-Three Ways to Enhance Researcher Development 
  • Skills Training in Research Degree Programmes 

“I am immensely grateful for the tangible results of Steve’s unique coaching. I was at a career crossroads, transitioning out of academia without a clear direction; Steve played a pivotal role in helping me reimagine my career options and align them with my life goals and values. Thanks this, I not only secured a fulfilling position in my new career path but continue to apply the skills and insights gained during our transformative sessions.”

“I learned more with Steve Hutchinson in one afternoon than in the entire professional development programme we are required to do here. You made me question my views on training. Thank you.”