Here are some of the organisations that we work with: The Alfred Wegener Institute, Chalfont Community College, Dorset County Hospital Trust, Eton College, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, The Helmholtz Association, NHS Wales, United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust, The University of Warwick and Warwick Business School.

Here they tell us what it’s like to work with Coaching4Careers.


I met Linda via the Warwick Leadership Programme. From our first session, I found Linda’s coaching to be extremely useful, she gave advice on broad and specific work-related situations. Linda challenges your thinking! She immediately identified the key issues and presented various options and strategies for action, exploring the likely outcomes from alternative approaches. She is a clear thinker and very astute – also very warm, professional and personable. I would highly recommend her to others.

Julie Bruce, University of Warwick

Having been made redundant due to the Covid-19’s impact on my company, Emma helped me get back out there with a strong CV that gives me confidence that I will find employment during such a hard time. Working with Emma was a pleasure; she provided me with extremely valuable feedback and practical resources. Within a week of working together I got an interview for a great opportunity and Emma continued to navigate me through the process with professionalism. I feel a lot more confident and know what I can bring to the table thanks to C4C!


My experience with Emma and the Coaching4Careers company was during a workshop series offered by members of the company in Hessen, Germany, as part of our graduate school programme. I and my colleagues (final-year PhD students in heavy-ion physics) were blown away by the helpful advice, thought-provoking discussions and amazing personally-tailored help we each received from Emma. She is kind, thoughtful and extremely astute at perceiving where a person can grow and how they can make positive changes to achieve their goals. She is also encouraging and helpful. I am indebted to her for empowering me to follow my chosen career, and I would recommend her and the Coaching4Careers team to anyone who wants to find themselves on a career path that will lead them to satisfaction and happiness.

Katharine Henninger. TU Darmstadt, Frankfurt Am Main

I met Linda after having had a few unsuccessful job interviews. I work in academic research management and although I have great work experience in that field, all the required qualifications and an adequate academic background (PhD in Philosophy), I have missed several dream jobs because I was bad at selling myself. I had a 2 hour coaching session with Linda and she has been really helpful in changing my way of handling a job interview, giving me lots of useful tips and advice on keys words or points you need to address to ace a job interview and feel confident. I had another job interview a few days later and it was successful! I would recommend Coaching4Careers and Linda in particular without any restrictions!!

Eleonore Nievergelt, EU Research Facilitator, Colleges of Arts and Law and Social Science,
University of Birmingham

Full of energy, ideas and commitment to the client. Listens, acknowledges inputs, and builds on others’ ideas. When you work with Steve Hutchinson the bar is set high and he expects you to deliver the same. Exactly what I like.

After watching ‘Personal & Career Development’ webinar series I was impressed by the ease at which Linda presented her ideas in the webinars and the quality of the content in terms of the tangible results they have on you once you start applying the concepts and advise presented. While talking to Linda for the first time in person she immediately connected to me in a matter of seconds like we have known each other for years which had a great impact on the relevance of the advise I received. She shed the light on many critical options and their potential consequences and me identified some tools I will need in order to make effective career decisions. I definitely see myself contacting Linda again in the future whenever at a crossroads in my career.

Vijaya Ravindran

As a mission-driven organisation that is growing quite quickly, we were on the look out for something that would serve as a good team-wide reflection tool and give us some ideas about how to develop our team further. The Strengths Profile framework and its focus on developing strengths seemed quite a good fit. Emma from Coaching4Careers was able to understand our priorities and the context in which we operate well and her guidance on how to plan these sessions with the team has been really helpful. Over the last 6 months, we have had a number of opportunities to discuss and share ideas as a larger team as well as within smaller groups. While Strengths Profile has given us a shared language and a level of insight we did not have access to before, the process of sharing them and learning from each other has been thoroughly enjoyable. Throughout this period, Emma has been approachable, generous with her time and genuinely committed to creating a positive impact. We believe that Strengths Profile has lots of potential and we look forward to staying in touch and using it even better in the future.

Vijaya Ravindran, Mathematics Mastery

Emma Ford from Coaching4Careers has provided support and advice to our staff mentoring scheme over two years. She has listened to our brief, taken on-board our requirements and made suggestions to improve our process. She delivered training to our mentees and mentors about the definition of mentoring, the contracting process and a mentoring model for them to base their discussions on. The training was well adapted to the range of experiences in our groups and very well received. One of our mentees said “The mentoring training was engaging and informative”.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

This is the best feedback we have received, I am so happy! Sixth Form student mentors have already adopted techniques from the session and during mentor meetings some have referred back to the training and how they have implemented listening skills to benefit their meetings.

Katy Piggott, Leader for Mentorship Programme, The Chalfonts Community College

Seeking coaching for a better future in my career I reach out to C4C, since Emma Ford has proven to me many times she knows her art, and sure enough Emma and her team brought me in conversation with the right coach, David North. After 3 rounds of coaching and discussions I felt the change I was after. It is important to remember the hard work must be done by an individual but the smart way of doing it can be shown to you by someone that has an idea. I highly recommend to use a professional coach instead of try and error. Mastering a career is not talent it’s skill. Thanks a lot.

Sadegh Ebrahimi

Having worked with Linda as part of a recent leadership training programme at the University of Warwick, I feel much more self-aware following the coaching sessions. I’m really looking forward to putting more of what we discussed into practice, but the things I have already tried, such as ‘giving the monkey back’ have had a big impact on lowering my stress levels already! I feel much more able to approach difficult conversations and I’m much more equipped to deal with my self-doubt next time it rears its head! I would love to work with Linda again in the future and I would highly recommend her to others.

Russ Kitson – Director of Education at University of Warwick, Department of Chemistry

Wow, after just the first coaching session with Sarah Alexander I had a clearer idea of the direction for my new business and what I needed to do next. Suddenly it all seemed clear and I knew the answers.

People always want to work with Suzanna because she cares and is passionately focused on driving you to be the best you can be. I’ve used her for coaching during critical times and found her approach just what I need to challenge me to think and work things through. She’s been an invaluable coach and support to me and my team. My team has had a number of sessions with her on many different areas and they always come away better than before. If you want to grow, develop and build a happy team, I highly recommend that you contact Suzanna to help you.

Managing Director, Barclays

I found Trudy Delamere a very insightful, intelligent and engaging coach. She is a great listener and is proactive about offering a view, which I found very helpful. She is also really good to work with, reliable and someone with whom I felt comfortable talking.

I had been trying to get into a medical school. In both 2016 and 2017, I failed to do so, and in both years, I failed at the interview stage. To improve my chances, something had to be done. My school suggested I get some interview coaching, and with all honesty, I was initially doubtful that it would be of any use.

Through Coaching4Careers, I was introduced to Mark Thompson. Not only was he very professional, he was also everything that I needed. Despite having had only one coaching session with him, it was of immense help. Before our session, he called me on the phone for a quick assessment, and based on it, he came extremely well-prepared to put me on the right track. He ensured I was well-equipped to prepare for upcoming interviews, and also gave me the confidence needed to succeed.

The very next medical school interview I had was at University of Western Australia. I am pleased to say that I was amongst the first candidates to get an offer from them for entry in 2018. I wholeheartedly recommend the service, and am immensely grateful to Mark for all the help.

Jee Hwan Kim, Australia

Suzanna provided individual career coaching and bespoke workshops on enhancing employability for our post grads, receiving excellent feedback not only because her content was spot on, but for her natural ability to connect with and engage our students, many of who are from China. She is professional and a pleasure to work with so I’ll be hiring her again and am already recommending her to others.

Head of Careers in Business, University of Birmingham

I approached C4C for my 17 year old son who is currently doing A levels and has no idea what he would like to do for a career and I wasn’t sure how best to help him. Within just one session with a C4C Consultant she had managed to tease out of my son all of his strengths which any employer would find desirable, for him to now present on a CV or at interview. She also got to know what interests him and has helped to advise him on what courses to start looking into at University and what careers this can lead to. So worth the money.

Rachel Jameson

In her coaching Emma blends the ideal qualities of professional, practical and friendly and I very much value her insightful perspectives. I really appreciate being able to bring a difficult management issue to each session and with Emma’s guidance work through the problem and potential actions, with many a useful handout to outline where and why conflicts might be occurring. When I was looking for coaching Emma was the only person I contacted who didn’t just want me to rely on her account of what she could offer – she immediately put me in touch with someone she was currently coaching so I could speak to them too. Over the years Emma has also drawn on her international network to offer valuable insights in other areas of my work. I recommend Emma without hesitation – and have already done so to colleagues!

Karen Lowton, University of Sussex